Geometry Export

This section demonstrates the use of the S3Dlib function save_surfgeom_to_obj which saves a surface object to an obj format file. The method is limited to exports of only the object’s geometry information. As a result, the example scripts do not include any color information of the surface. This also excludes shading and highlighting which, in general, would not be included in the object coloration since these depend on the Matplotlib Axes3D rendering.

Included with each script example is a screen copy of the exported object rendered in the Blender graphic software tool. Any uniform coloration of the surface shown in these images has been applied using the Blender software. Since rendering is to be done by Blender, these scripts do not import Matplotlib modules or methods.

Planar surface based on a function, z=f(x,y)../_images/export_logo.png

Functional Planar Surface

Toroidal surface using on a geometry function../_images/export_logo.png

Functional Closed Surface

Surface generated using a datagrid../_images/export_logo.png

Datagrid Surface

Surface based on an image geometry file../_images/export_logo.png

Geometric Mapping

A surface with alpha clipping based on an image file../_images/export_logo.png

Clipped Geometry

A non-orientable surface../_images/export_logo.png

Mobius Strip

A non-orientable surface../_images/export_logo.png

Klein Bottle

A single composite surface../_images/export_logo.png

Composite Surface

A line to line filled surface../_images/export_logo.png

Parametric Line Generated Surface

Surface visualization in Blender of an inner and outer surface../_images/export_logo.png

Geometry: inner/outer surface

Image mapped and clipped composite surface../_images/export_logo.png

Composite of Clipped Copies

Instead of a single composite, separate objects are rendered in Blender.../_images/export_logo.png

Two Surface Object Export

A surface is subdivided into face sets, exported and individually colored in Blender.../_images/export_logo.png

Rhombicub octahedron

Surface object constructed from an input object.../_images/export_logo.png Bunny 3