This page contains basic tutorials for constructing 3D surface and line plots using S3Dlib. Familiarity with using Matplotlib and Numpy libraries is assumed.

These tutorials minimize detailed formatting of figures such as inclusion of titles, labels, axis aspect, etc. Instead, focus is placed on usage of the S3Dlib capabilities. Figure layout, shown in the images, may slightly differ from those produced from the provide scripts. This is a reult in differences among Matplotlib versions.

For a more detailed explanation, see the user Guides pages, Also, specific usage is provided in various Examples descriptions.

Creating surfaces and meshes, then placing them on a 3D axes.../_images/helloworld_2.png

Hello World

Mapping surface geometry using different coordinate systems.../_images/hw_polar.png

Coordinates and Functions

Visualizing surface geometry using color mapped face normals.../_images/col_norm1.png

Color Mapped Surface Normals

Applying user-defined functions to colorize surfaces.../_images/cmap_functions_tut.png

Color Mapping Using Functions

Creating line types and placing them on a 3D axes.../_images/line_param.png

Hello World, Lines

Applying color to lines and line subdivisions for smooth coloration.../_images/line_color.png

Color Mapped Line Segments

Controlling the scaling for rendering 3D objects.../_images/scaling_1.png


Visualizing 3D objects using Matplotlib rendering.../_images/visualization3d.png

3D Rendering

List of considerations when constructing S3Dlib visualizations.../_images/lightbulb.png