These examples demonstrate the various capabilities using S3Dlib. Similar to image editing, 3D visualizations using S3Dlib are developed through a sequence of operations using object methods. This provides the ability to create a wide variety of complex 3D visualizations. Consequently, these examples may be considered tutorials demonstrating how to use operational sequences rather than using individual methods. As with image editing, visualizations may be created using different operations and are demonstrated in several examples.

Numerous examples use a rez with a value from 5 to 7. Although such higher values reduce the interactive response time during development, the plots are clearer and more detailed. This is particularly the case for surfaces with higher curvatures or mapped images. Script development is generally done at a lower rez value and then easily reassigned to a higher value for producing the final static or animated image. This is useful when developing figures having multiple objects and including detailed Matplotlib annotation to the figures. For a few figure examples with multiple axes, multiple surfaces, and/or high rez, the REOM (relative execution-time order of magnitude) is indicated.

Introductory tutorials to get started using S3Dlib are found in the Tutorials pages. More detailed explanations of objects and functions are given in the Guides pages.

Source data for these examples are found in Data Sources page.