Function Surface PlotsΒΆ

The following are examples of creating surface color and geometry using functional mapping.

Simple example of multiple operations and settings for surface plotting.../_images/hw_example.png

Hello World Example

Simple example of showing a surface grid.../_images/hw_example_grid.png

Hello World Grid Example

Using Spherical Coordinate base surface and auto scaling.../_images/swirl.png

Hello World Example 2

Using only a single geometric mapping for visualization.../_images/swirl_2.png

Hello World Grid Example 2

Construction of a surface from vertex, face and edge lists.../_images/cube.png

Base Class Surface

Construction of a surface from vertex and face lists.../_images/base_surface.png

Base Class Surface 2

Surface edges of a surface constructed with faces having different number of edges per face.../_images/trunc_octa.png

Truncated Octahedron Edges

Geometric mapping of a colored rhombi cuboctahedron surface.../_images/arch_solid_1.png

Base Class Geometric Mapping

Faces defined for other than a 2D surface.../_images/hypercube.png


Surface vertices, face centers, edge centers, vertex normals, face normals and edges.../_images/fev_fn_vn.png

Surface Elements

Basic plotting demonstrated with multiple functions.../_images/funcplots.png

Function Plots, z = f(x,y)

Plots of z=f(x,y) over a specific x, y domain.../_images/domain.png

Setting a domain for function Plots

Orienting the base plane of the PlanarSurface from the z to the x or y coordinate plane.../_images/planar_surfaces.png

Alternative Coordinate View

Color map used to indicate radial position.../_images/radial_torus.png

Radial Color Mapped

Extending the angular coordinate domain to ±3π.../_images/screw.png

Sliced Polar Base Surface

Surface domain is changed from [-1,1] to [0,1], scaled, and then shown on scaled axis.../_images/normalize.png

Normalization and Scaling

Use of planar clipping of a surface.../_images/clip_cone.png

Clipped Surface

Comparison of three methods for surface clipping.../_images/clipping_three.png

Geometric and Alpha Clipping

Two alternative visualizations representing a function of two variables in spherical coordinates. ../_images/sph_harm_r.png Two Methods of Representing f(θ,φ)
Two methods of visualizing complex numbers using either a polar, planar or cylindrical coordinates.../_images/complex.png

Complex Number Representation, Geometry and Colormap

Technique for visualizing functions having a singularity.../_images/complex_sing.png

Functions having a Singularity

Method of visualizing radial and angular components of complex numbers .../_images/complex_rt.png

Complex Number Representation, Radius and Angle

Complex number surfaces using domain coloring.../_images/domain_coloring_1.png

Domain Coloring

Two methods of visualizing complex numbers using color attributes of hue and value.../_images/complex_hsv.png

Complex Number Representation, Hue and Value

Visualization of vibration modes of a cylinder.../_images/tube_disp.png

Surface Displacements in Cylindrical Coordinates

Use of planar surface object for visualizing parametric equations.../_images/boy.png

Boy Surface, Planar to XYZ

Using a polar surface object for visualizing parametric equations.../_images/dini.png

Polar Coordinates to XYZ

Another example of using a polar surface object for visualizing parametric equations.../_images/bour.png

Polar Coordinates to XYZ, 2

Using a spherical surface object for visualizing parametric equations.../_images/roman.png

Spherical Coordinates to XYZ

Example of a complex surface geometry.../_images/klein_bottle.png

Klein Bottle, Spherical to XYZ

Example of a complex surface geometry.../_images/klein_figure8.png

Figure 8 Klein Bottle

Transformed surface showing both origin and transformed coordinates.../_images/transform.png

Coordinate Transform

Visualizing the subtle geometric variations using a normalized color map.../_images/color_tri.png

Base Face Variations

Demonstrations of applying a surface texture using geometry or color.../_images/orange_peel.png

Surface Texture

Applying geometric mapping to an already mapped surface.../_images/knot.png

Multiple Geometric Maps

Geometric and color mapping of a Dodecahedron.../_images/star.png

Dodecahedron Star

Visualization of inner and outer surface sides.../_images/inner_surface.png

Inner Surface

Use of an alternative function for Mobius strip shading.../_images/single_mobius_1.png

Shaded Mobius Strip Visualization

Plot with edges emphasized instead of surface faces.../_images/surface_edges.png

Wireframe Plots

Using geometric mapping into RGB color space.../_images/RGB_sphere.png

Functional RGB Color Mapping

Using geometric mapping into HSV color space.../_images/HSV_washer.png

Functional HSV Color Mapping

Multiple plots using different values for a function parameter.../_images/param_set.png

Parametric Set

Use of a diverging colormap.../_images/param_set2.png

Parametric Set 2

Two methods of selecting four values from a Cmap using angular position.../_images/four_levels.png

Segmented Cmap Operation

Use of the color array argument to assign face colors.../_images/patchwork.png

Face Color Array

Using native coordinates, map surfaces into RGB, HSV and Lab color spaces.../_images/Lab_space.png

Color Space

Planes of RGB planes and HSV planes in Lab space.../_images/lab_planes.png

Lab Planes

Planes of Lab planes in RGB space.../_images/rgb_planes.png

RGB Planes

Applying colormaps to flat surfaces using triangulation.../_images/platonic_colored.png

Platonic Solids

3D plot using a grid base surface.../_images/a_demo.png

3D Demo

Plots of four example surface face area and shape distributions.../_images/f4area_dist.png

Surface Face Distributions

Plots of SphericalSurface random face and vertex distributions.../_images/f4area_dist_rand.png

Random Face Distributions

Construction of the S3Dlib surface logo using S3Dlib.../_images/s3d_sph.png