Custom Color MappingΒΆ

The following demonstrate the construction and application of custom color mapping using the Color Map Utilities along with surface shading and highlighting. In most of the following examples, colormap objects are created to be used to construct the final colormap.

A two-color colormap is used to contrast the inner and outer surface.../_images/bin_surf.png

Inner/Outer Surface Colormap

Use of a binary colormap to visualize the inner and outer surface.../_images/shell.png

Inner/Outer Surface Colormap 2

Use of a mirrored colormap with transparent sections.../_images/klien_glass.png

Klien Glass

Use to a colormap to indicate regions in an 2D view.../_images/mri.png

MRI Regions

Simulating combined lighting using color mapping, normal shading and highlighting.../_images/lower_light.png

Multiple Lighting

Demonstration of operation order on color visualization.../_images/twisted_torus.png

Order of Operation

Creating and using a compounded binary color map.../_images/candy.png

Compound Color Maps

Creating inner glow from a gradient colormap.../_images/inner_glow.png

Inner Glow

Creating outer glow from a mirrored colormap.../_images/outer_glow.png

Outer Glow

Partial transparent colormap to simulate multiple surfaces.../_images/two_ribbons.png

Transparent Surface Section

Colorizing a black & white image using a Lab colormap.../_images/monroe.png

Lab Colormaps

Development of a custom colormap with segmented transparent gradients.../_images/hw_example2.png

Custom Colormap

Binary colormap to illustrate surface sections.../_images/bcmap_jacks.png

Surface Sectioning

Use of a dual colormap to show real and imaginary components.../_images/complex_dualcmap.png

Complex Number DualCmap

DualCmap used to indicate the u,v values in a parametric surface.../_images/uv_dualcmap.png

U,V Value DualCmap

Dual colormapped of two triangular face attributes.../_images/swirl_dualcmap.png

Surface Face Distribution DualCmap

Creating and using a compound DualCmap.../_images/plaid_dualcmap.png

Compound DualCmap

Creating and using a DualCmap constructed from one four-color colormap.../_images/four_dualcmap.png

Four-Color DualCmap