Matplotlib ExamplesΒΆ

The following examples are based on examples in the 3D plotting Gallery of Matplotlib. This set of examples compare the methodology of forming 3D visulizations between Matplotlib and S3Dlib:

Matplotlib. Initially, x,y,z coordinates are constructed. The coordinates are then passed to specific Axes3D methods, eg. plot, plot_wireframe, plot_surface, plot_trisurf, contour, etc.

S3Dlib. First, base 3D objects are instantiated ( surface, line, or vectors ) to established the network relationship among the coordinates. Functions are then used to map coordinates and colors to produce the final object. Mutliple mapping operations may be performed on the same object and objects. Additionally, objects of the same class may be added together to form one object. Finally, objects are added to the Axes3D.

A very basic plot of a 3D surface using a solid color.../_images/demo3D.png

3D Surface

Polar surface in native polar coordinates.../_images/cyl_coor.png

3D Surface in Polar Coordinates

Solid color surface with shading for topological perception.../_images/wave.png


Functional mapping color for on a cubic surface.../_images/mp_box.png

3D Box Surface Plot

Color mapping applied to surface normals for topological perception.../_images/pringle.png

Color Mapping Normals

Matplotlib example using cylindrical coordinates.../_images/twistribbon.png

Cylindrical Coordinates

Contours constructed from a cylindrical surface.../_images/cyl_contours.png

Cylindrical Surface Contours

3D comparison to the 2D Matplotlib example.../_images/mp_triplot.png

Unstructured coordinates

3D comparison to the 2D Matplotlib example in alternative coordinates.../_images/unstructured_sph.png

Unstructured Spherical and Cylindrical Coordinates

3D comparison to the 2D Matplotlib contours example.../_images/mp_contours.png


3D comparison to the 2D Matplotlib contours example in alternative coordinates.../_images/contours_3d_sph.png

Spherical and Cylindrical Contours

3D comparison to the 2D Matplotlib example.../_images/mp_triple_1.png

Scalar Function Colormapping on a 3D Surface

3D surface analogy to a 2D histogram with normalize color mapping.../_images/expl_norm_1.png

Data Density Plots

Use of the surface edge property to construct a wire frame plot from a datagrid.../_images/mp_wire.png

Datagrid Surface Wireframe Plot

Comparison among functional, datagrid and meshgrid methods for constructing wireframe plots.../_images/wireframe.png

Functional, Datagrid and Meshgrid Surface wireframe plots

Use of a topographic data set to create a 3D visualization.../_images/jacksboro.png

Datagrid Geometry

Comparison between Datagrid and Meshgrid surface representations.../_images/data_mesh.png

Datagrid and Meshgrid surfaces

Very basic parameteric curve.../_images/param_demo.png

Parametric Curve

Basic sequential line.../_images/lorenz_demo.png

Lorenz Attractor

Comparison of Three different Line Class object construction methods and visualizations.../_images/three_lines.png

Line Class Comparison

Basic vector plot.../_images/mp_quiver.png

3D quiver plot

Comparison among functional, datagrid and meshgrid methods for constructing wireframe line plots.../_images/lineframe.png

Functional, Datagrid and Meshgrid Line wireframe plots

Use of 3D dataset to create a set of line slices.../_images/datagrid_slices.png

Datagrid Slices

Contour plots on planes of constant z../_images/contours_demo.png

Contour Levels in 3D

Projection of contours on the 'walls' of the graph../_images/proj_contours.png

Projecting contour profiles

Create polygons which fill the space under a line graph.../_images/filled_slice.png

Filled 3D Line Graph

Visualization equivalent to xyz voxel plots.../_images/vol_plot.png

Volumetric Plot

Visualization equivalent to xyz voxel plots.../_images/vol_plot_rgb.png

Volumetric Plot with RGB