Seeing the beauty of math in M.C.Escher art makes it irresistible to not apply S3Dlib to construct these forms. Although beyond the intended application scope, these visualizations demonstrate the capabilities of Matplotlib rendering when combined with the S3Dlib tools.

Image projection onto two intersecting tetrahedron.../_images/planetoid.png

Double Planetoid

trefoil knot, version 1 animated.../_images/mceknot_1.png

Knot 1

trefoil knot, version 2.../_images/mceknot_2.png

Knot 2

trefoil knot, version 3.../_images/mceknot_3.png

Knot 3

trefoil knot, version 1, animated.../_images/mceknot_side.png

Knot Side View

Multiple twisted spherical quadrants.../_images/sphericalspirals.png

Sphere Spirals

Inner and outer surfaces of twisted multiple cylinders.../_images/spirals.png


Red Ants, animated.../_images/redants.png

Red Ants