Lines and Surface ContoursΒΆ

The following are examples of creating line collection objects and applying color to the object.

A set of constant Z contour lines generated from a surface object.../_images/contours_z.png

Vertical Contour Set

A set of constant Z contour lines generated from a surface object.../_images/b_demo.png

Vertical Contour Set 2

Construction of Lines from vertex and segment lists.../_images/cubelines.png

Base Class Lines

Construction of Lines using surface vertex coordinates.../_images/line_surf_vert.png

Lines from Surface Vertices

Comparison of surface edge visualizations using surface and line objects.../_images/edges_compare.png

Face Edge Visualizations

Surface edges using a alpha-clipped image-mapped surface.../_images/earth_triangles.png

Face Edges from Image HSV Value Clipping

Colormapped surface edges../_images/platonic_edges.png

Platonic Solid Edges

Combining several lines into one line object.../_images/loop_spiral.png

Line Composite

Sequentiallly mapped Parametric line object using a function../_images/loop3d.png

Line Colormap Sequence Operation

Set of surface contour lines constructed normal to a direction.../_images/contour_lineset_colored.png

Colored Surface Contour Set

Coloration of a sequential line based on segment direction../_images/lorenz_dir.png

Segment Orientation Color

Coloration of a sequential line based on segment sequence.../_images/lorenz_seq.png

Sequential Line Color

Coloration of a sequential line based on a function of segment coordinate location.../_images/lorenz_op.png

Functional Line Color

Smooth color transitions along a line using shred method.../_images/box_edge_shred_2.png

Line Segment Subdivision

Multiple line plots using different function parameter values.../_images/param_lineset.png

Parametric Set of Lines

A set of Matplotlib colormaps are shown in Lab and RGB colorspace.../_images/cmap_colorspace.png

Matplotlib Colormaps

Planar contours on a conic surface.../_images/conic.png

Surface Contours

Planar contour colors taken from the surface color.../_images/fun011_contours.png

Constant Z Contours of a Function

Comparison between planar and radial contours of an identical surface.../_images/pl_sph_contours.png

Planar and Radial Contours

Contours from a Datagrid Surface.../_images/jacks_contours.png

Elevation Contours of a Datagrid

Just for fun. Contours constructed from a surface.../_images/mand_contours.png

Mandelbrot Contours

Contours constructed from a surface, project to a xy-plane.../_images/mri_contours.png

MRI Contours 2D plot

Contour constructed from a colormap surface and then projected onto a plane.../_images/townsend.png

Contour Projections

Using surfaces to construct 2D plots.../_images/domain_coloring_2d_1.png

Domain Coloring, 2D from 3D

Surface and contours are clipped with a surface based function.../_images/gomez_levy_1.png

Clipping Surface and Contours

General contour projection to a plane.../_images/gen_cont_proj.png

General Surface Contour Projections

Comparison between two methods for contour coloring.../_images/contours_color.png

Contour Coloring

Comparison between two methods for contour coloring of a spherical function.../_images/sph_harm_contours_1.png Representing f(θ,φ) Contours
Cylindrical contours on cylindrical surfaces.../_images/twist_contours.png

Cylindrical Contours

Cylindrical contours of constant radius for complex functions.../_images/complex_contours.png

Complex Cylindrical Contours

Spherical contours on a functional defined surface.../_images/contours_spherical.png

Spherical Contours

Spherical contours on a image-mapped surface.../_images/earth_elev_contours.png

Earth Elevation Contours

Spherical contour projection of a image-mapped surface.../_images/earth_dry_elev_contours.png

Earth Elevation Projected Contours

Surface contour lines are projected to the xy plane to create a surface.../_images/contours_z_filled.png

Vertical Contour Filled Surface

Surface contour lines are spherically projected to the origin to create a surface.../_images/filled_octa_cont.png

Spherical Contour Filled Surface

Surfaces constructed from spherical or cylindrical projections of surface edge lines.../_images/platonic_proj_1.png

Surface Edge Filled Surface

Surface constructed from a cylindrical projection of parametric lines.../_images/dna_lines_proj.png

Helix Line Filled Surfaces

Surface constructed from a spherical projection of image mapped surface contours.../_images/earth_proj.png

Contour Filled Surface

Surface created by projecting a parametric line to a plane.../_images/para_line_surface_1.png

Filled ParametricLine Surface 1

Parametric line surface projections to y-z and x-z planes.../_images/para_line_surface_2.png

Filled ParametricLine Surface 2

Projection of a line to a line to construct a surface.../_images/screw_from_lines.png

Line to Filled Line Surface Construction

Ruled surface from the projection of a circle to a circle.../_images/hyperboloid.png

Hyperboloid of Revolution

Inner and outer coloring of a surface constructed from a line to line projection.../_images/fig_8_knot.png

Inner and Outer Surface Coloring

Mobius surface constructed from two edge lines, including multiple twist examples.../_images/mobius_lines.png

Mobius From Lines

Line sequence is demonstrated for line to line surface construction.../_images/conoid_lines.png

Line Sequence Dependent Surfaces

Surface colored from two projected colored segmented lines.../_images/dna_lines.png

Double Helix from Lines

Surface from contour lines from surfaces from lines to line projection.../_images/multi_ops_1.png

Multiple Object Operations

Surface from surface edges to surface edges.../_images/surf_edge2edge.png

Edge to Edge Filled Surface

Composite surface from surface edges filled to two spherical projections.../_images/filled_octa_edges.png

Spherical Edge Filled Surface

Surface from surface edges to surface edges.../_images/surf_edge2edge_2.png

Edge to Edge Filled Surface 2